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…and everyone sees the world through different eyes. When a change of perspective becomes design, a statement becomes a certitude and a look becomes fashion, you have already arrived at the world of Cazal.

“There is only one true style. Mine.” – Cari Zalloni

Cazal Eyewear dominated in the 80s as the brand that signified when someone has “made it.
” The 80’s was a time of outrageous brightly coloured outfits and daring hair adventures.

The energetic young designer Cari Zalloni came up with the idea of creating an extraordinary collection of fashionable eyewear. The CAZAL brand was born: an acronym of the initials of the designer CAri ZALloni and a name that was to stand for trendsetting design.

Cazal has defined eyewear history like no other for so many years in such a multifaceted way.The eyewear are striking and speak a clear design language. Cari Zalloni once said that a CAZAL had to be recognizable from the other side of the street. To this day the unmistakable signature still expresses the motivation behind every design.

The creative genius of the charismatic designer Cari Zalloni still lives on after the shock of his death in 2012. Inspired by his brilliance, his international design team still continue to create a collection that surprises, polarizes and sets its own standards time and again.

Some of the legendary CAZAL designs from the 80s are still style leaders. The models were status symbols in the hip-hop scene. In those days they were cult; now, 30 years on, they are once again. Some of these “CAZAL Legends” are being reissued – authentic down to the tiniest detail. And so yesterday’s models still generate emotions and passion today.

Many celebrities have already sported CAZAL’s unique creations and given them cult status the world over. What began in 1975 with a young designers vision has become the success story of an unmistakable brand.

What we love about Cazal frames is there are also of incredibly high quality. Each pair of Cazal frames is made in Germany using up to 70 individual processes from start to finish.

Most of the designs are made using titanium which gives strength and lightness to the frame. A variety also feature lacquer inlays and precious metals and gems. It is these intricate details and the uniqueness of the Cazal sense of style that ensures the brand is highly recognisable The Cazal style is bold and the frames suit people for whom extravagance and individuality are part of their life.

Why we love Cazal

  • Cari Zalloni has created a style, not a trend – these frames will always be in fashion!
  • Expert Craftsmanship like only the Germans can do.
  • Head turning street style 
  • screaming individual style
  • Iconic and Unique

Cari Zalloni has always talked about that “a designer eyewear line that pleases everyone is unlikely to inspire. Good design must be thought provoking”. Looking at the Cazal range that has just landed at eyeclarity Emporium, we can certainly say that the frames are inspiring and can bring attitude and confidence to any look.

The Cazal style does not follow the mainstream our style experts can help you reflect your individual style and find you the perfect eyewear or sunglasses for that special occasion.

We invite you to come and see the collection for your self.

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