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Vision is important for our quality of life. A regular comprehensive eye examination is a service we take pride in providing to you and meeting your needs. Many eye diseases do not manifest until the late stages so early detection and treatment is paramount. Talk to us about your eye health, contact lenses, prescription eyewear and sunglasses. We are committed to understanding your specific visual needs and find a solution that’s right for you


page-eye-care-sub-icons-01-new-3-.jpg   Comprehensive eye examinations

An extensive eye examination, the latest technology such as eyescan is all part of how we look after your eyes. This is to ensure you receive the best visual outcomes and detect and monitor eye health issues before they become a problem.


page-eye-care-sub-icons-new.jpg   Eye Health

Our eye health is under continual change with time. It is important that eye health is reviewed and documented on a regular basis and frequently can be detected prior to any symptoms being noticed. The time and care we take is an important difference to our service that we provide to you.


page-eye-care-sub-icons-03.jpg   Advanced Technology

We are equipped to provide you the latest technology both in the services we provide you and the technological solutions to improve your vision. Such as eyescan for detection, myeyes for customising your eyewear and Nikon superior lens technology.


page-eye-care-sub-icons-04.jpg   Expert Staff

Our expert support staff are all committed to understanding your specific visual needs and find a personalised and customised solution that’s right for you all backed by our guarantee.



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