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Coloured Contact Lenses



 We are all born with our own an eye colour which is genetically passed on by our parents. The technology in contact lenses has advanced to such an extent we can enhance or even change our eye colour completely.

Here are some facts

1. Brown eyes are dominantly inherited and predominant in certain continents like Africa Asia and Southern Europe.
2. Blue eyes – are recessive and the number of blue eyed people are declining.
3. Green eyes – are also a recessive trait and rare, only being present in 1-2% of the population
Coloured contact lenses can make a dramatic effect to your eye colour and partly it depends on what your mood is and the look you are trying to achieve.

The 3 key things you need to consider are

1. Hair Colour

Blonde Hair – all colours will work with blonde hair greens, browns and blues
Brown Hair  - lighter shades work best with dark brown hair. The colours which work best are blue, honey, violet and green tones.
Black Haired people – lighter colours will assist in making your eyes glow and darker colours will be a more subtle affect. Blue and Grey tinted contact lenses work best.
Red Haired People – Green is the best colour but blue can work as well.

2. Skin Tone

The colour of your skin is range between warm and cool tones. The colour your choose need to complement the underling tones of your skin colour. Cool skin tones has pink to blue undertones and warm skin tones has yellow to olive undertones.

3. The Look

You need to decide if you want your colour to be subtle enhanced to compliment your face and features or do you want to make your eyes really stand out when you walk into a room. Your eye colour can be made more vibrant or be completely changed.

The good news is you can have different colours to match the look, outfit or occasion so it gives you different options. At eye clarity we have the new 3-in-1 colour technology in coloured contact lenses which provides much better eye colours. We are experts in helping you determine the correct eye colour to suit you and provide professional eye care services to assist in comfortable safe contact lens wear.


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