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There is something inherently luxurious about natural products. It is the beauty present in a beautiful wooden piece of furniture or a leather handbag. For many years, the eyewear years has been dominated by the two main material options; metals and plastics. While these are timeless classics and will always be in style, there are a great many of us, myself included, that want for something finer, more delicate and more beautiful in its very essence.

Lucas de Staël, founder is the Grandson of the Russian painter Nicolas de Staël. The young designer Lucas de Staël has redefined traditional eyewear. He uses different techniques of marquetry for the inlay of fine materials to the industrial steel structures of its frames.

As in the fashion of Jewellery, the eyeglasses are set with wood, leather or gold. With true technical prowess, the Lucas de Stael frames are fully hand designed in his workshop in an old, converted printing factory in the 19th precinct of Paris where he has established an experimental lab that now produces some of Europe's most stunningly unique eyewear. With a vision to create matter into art and to experiment boundlessly with shape and materials, the Lucas de Staël collections are like no other.

Each piece in his collection is treated like a unique work of art It was Lucas de Staël himself who said “when you develop glasses, you have to work on the technical aspect, the organic aspect, the morphology, the design."

The frames are all hand-made in the workshop by skilled workers who, after completing an average of thirty steps, can produce about three frames a day.

"The creations result from a constant will to blend traditional crafting with unexpected materials."

Lucas de Stael is a refreshing example of genuine craftsmanship, quality resources and a daring vision to push boundaries.

“What motivates me is to challenge myself as well as my team, in order to go always further in terms of creation and creativity. That means always try new materials, new techniques in order to keep the excitement of the process. This is what matters.”

The collections produced by Lucas are the

Minotaur collection:

This collection is made out of genuine leather, coming from carefully picked French cow skins, that are tanned in Italy. Using full grain leather to ensure outstanding smoothness and comfort. This colour leather will change over time and the depth of colour achieved will differ with each piece, adding to the its uniqueness

Stratus Collection:

The Stratus collection is the expression of the perfect balance between the mineral, and the animal. The warm tones and the smoothness of cow leather seamlessly merging with the raw textures of the grey stone set over a surgical brushed stainless steel skeleton and using titanium nose pads.

Petrus Collection:

The Petrus collection currently available in-store features frames made out of thin stone strata placed over a surgical steel skeleton and a thin layer of titanium allowing for remarkable flexibility and strength in each piece.

The four types of stones seen in this collection are; European slate, Brazilian slate, granite quartz and granite copper.

Each stone provides individual texture and uniqueness making it unique to wear.

Nemus Collection:

This special wood collection brings the forests of Africa, Central

America and North America directly on to the frames. The warm tones of padauk, maple, amaranth and smoked oak's wood, are combined to generous shapes, They are beautifully textural and are a softer and more feminine .The frames are lined with cow’s leather for superior comfort.

Monsieur Seguin Collection:

The Monsieur Seguin collection is made entirely of genuine goat leather. The leather which originates from North Africa and India are tanned in one of the rare traditional tanneries in the south of France. These unisex frames are ideal for people who want strong colours and shapes to make a bold statement.

Vivarium Collections: 

The Vivarium collections feature decadent and exclusive natural products such as Iguana skin, Stingray skin and Crocodile skin. These frames are each entirely unique, delicate to look at but hard wearing. They are a must-have for anyone looking to wear an exclusive product that is minimal in design and celebrates the beauty of these skins.

Why we love the Lucas de Staël range at eyeclarity is its

  • Lightweight, flexible stainless steel core creating long lasting strength and durability
  • Beautiful, natural leathers and stones and unique textures making it special
  • Bold wearable designs that look great on
  • Hand-crafted in Paris by craftsman with absolute
  • Three SILMO awards ( the industries Olympics ) for leading design

  • The collections all have their own personalities and looks. It is a range that must be seen to be believed because the real beauty of the products is only discovered when handling the unique materials. Our eyewear experts are on hand to help you choose which collection suits your style the best and help you makeover your look with Lucas de Staël French elegance.
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