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Lindberg Danish eyewear

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If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that the Danish do minimalism better than anyone else. From their furniture to fashion, Danish style is all about classic elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. At the peak of this style is the Danish eyewear brand, appointed to the Danish Royal Court and winner of 78 international design awards, Lindberg.

As many of you know, at eyeclarity, we want you to have a choice of premium brands when picking new frames; after all, our products are going to be a central part of each of your signature style. We want you to be in the driving seat of customising your eyewear and no brand allows for as much choice and individualism as Lindberg.

At the core of the brand, Lindberg designers believe in individual craftsmanship. They promote in-store styling and believe their products are best understood in person. If you want to see the full range you will need to pop in store and have a chat to one of our trained eye wear experts all of whom love the brand.

The excitement with buying a Lindberg piece is the chance to create your frame style to reflect your personal tastes. Although there is a variety of different ranges under the Lindberg umbrella, including sunglasses and an exclusive Lindberg Precious range, each frame comes with a degree of customisation available. 

The selection at eyeclarity Emporium is among the largest in Australia and we have curated our in-store selection to have the latest shapes available in each collection. These styles will allow you to browse the different aesthetic of each collection and decide which best suits you. From there, one of our eye stylists can take you through the options for different colours and finishes of your frames. As if you needed any more coaxing, the frames can also be personally engraved with the name or contact details of your choice! In addition to being able to customise each purchase with a range of colours and styles, each frame is finished by hand and is individually numbered to make your eyewear truly yours.

Why eyeclarity loves Lindberg

  • You get to choose your own styles, colours and finishes!
  • The lightweight titanium frames are so comfortable it feels like you have nothing on! 
  • The frames will withstand the twists and turns of our busy lives.
  • Comfortable nose pad designs that won’t leave us feeling sore!
  • The sleek and simple designs – they’re unique in the most understated way.
  • If you’re looking for a frame with a side of luxury, eyeclarity Emporium is Melbourne’s only Lindberg Precious dealer. The Lindberg Precious collection, which includes premium materials such as gold, platinum, diamonds and natural animal horn is available in a variety of designs and styles, all of which are customisable and will make the ultimate statement in discreet elegance. These frames use responsibly sourced materials from all around the world including Australian pink Argyle diamonds. These exclusive products need to be seen to be experienced at our Emporium store in Melbourne. You’re guaranteed not to see other people around town with this unique eyewear.

    Why eyeclarity loves Lindberg Precious:

  • Style – the same elegance and simplicity but with a little extra sparkle
  • Comfort – the same lightweight durable frames
  • Understated luxury– even the diamond studded frames have the carefully considered simplicity that makes Lindberg famous.
  • Presentation and care – Lindberg will equip you with everything you need to keep your frames safe and cared for.
  • Customisation – best of all you can still pick your colours, finishes and designs to make exactly what you want. There’s even diamond encrusted nose pads! 

  • As if we haven’t enticed you enough, Lindberg frames can be seen on celebrities such as Matt Damon….

    At the end of the day, Lindberg frames speak for themselves and the best way to expreince the brand is come in and try them on. Our expert eye stylists will be happy to help you customise your way into a long-term relationship with these glorious frames!

    Lindberg and Lindberg Precious ranges only available at eyeclarity Emporium, Melbourne. 

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