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We stand by our commitment to offer the best in eye care. We have partnered with Kaya Health Clubs to help you look after your eyes and provide you with comprehensive eyecare, expert advice and eyewear customised for your individual needs. Our corporate benefits program with Kaya Health Club provides you many benefits and value. Once you've registered with us, an email with your personalised voucher will be sent to you. We would like to extend this offer to your family so please feel free to forward this offer! 



Why Choose eyeclarity?

Our practices are Australian independently owned, so when you choose eyeclarity you’re supporting an Australian SME, Australian jobs and promoting good eye health. Our practices are independent, we carry stock from an extensive range of brands, giving you unrivalled choice. The eyeclarity Brand has been built around being 'The Quality Choice' in eyecare, so you can rest assured that choosing eyeclarity is choosing quality. We have won over 20 National and local awards for retailing, customer service and innovation:




page-corporate-eyecare-sub-tick-icon.jpg  Comprehensive eye examinations.

page-corporate-eyecare-sub-tick-icon.jpg  Contact Lenses: over $200 in savings per year via eyeplan

page-corporate-eyecare-sub-tick-icon.jpg  Spexcare Insurance: Replacement program for eyewear if lost, stolen or damaged  

page-corporate-eyecare-sub-tick-icon.jpg  Register to receive a $50 voucher for sunglasses or prescription eyewear voucher



Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our comprehensive eye and vision examination will take approximately 30-45 minutes. Your eyeclarity optometrist will examine your eyes using an extensive battery of assessments and eyescan technology to check your eye health and vision. Upon completion of your eye examination, we will explain the results with you and discuss a treatment plan and provide a Visiofit® Report regarding any necessary preventative or remedial care. This may include medication, specialized frames, lenses, contact lenses or a combination of solutions. Our caring team will help guide you through each step so that you clearly understand your eye health.

page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-visionfit-logo.jpg   page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-eyescan-logo.jpg


page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-spectacle-frames.jpgLeading Designs and Expert Craftsmanship

eyeclarity is the fusion of healthcare, technology and fashion which brings a unique curated collection of leading design, expert craftsmanship, hi-tech performance materials, colours and styles which are continually being adapted to provide the wearer with an expression of themselves. Many of these are unique brands not readily seen elsewhere are sourced directly from around the globe such as Denmark, Paris, Berlin, Japan to name a few.


page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-brand-2-logo.jpg    page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-brand-1-logo.jpg    



Advanced Lens Technology

The same technology that is used to create Nikon’s professional grade digital camera lenses is also used to create the Nikon Lens wear series of ophthalmic lenses. This advanced lens technology in materials, coatings and designs results in superior optical performance and picture perfect vision than you would have experienced previously. In addition Nikon lenses provide the thinnest and lightest lenses available in the world today creating cosmetically more appealing and comfortable eyewear to wear. All lenses are specifically customised to the wearer to provide superior aberration free, crisper hi definition vision.



page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-myeyes-image.jpgmyeyes Technology

Our award winning eyewear selection system, allows us to customise your eyewear to your specific needs. There is a vast range of spectacle frames, lenses and technologies in the market to choose from. Equally, there are many different face shapes, vision requirements and budgets. Our team are expertly trained in the science of fitting and tailoring each eyewear to suit each individual's needs, through the use of the myeyes™ system.




Contact Lenses

eyeclarity specialises in contact lens wear to ensure you get the best vision and comfort. We will assess your unique vision and eye health requirements to provide you the latest contact lenses technologies most suitable for your needs. All of which are backed by our eyeclarity comfort satisfaction guarantee. Our lens experts will help meet your requirements and provide you with ongoing care for successful contact lens wear. Regular contact lens wearer? We can provide value savings and in office or home deliveries via eyeplan. Want to change your look? We have an eyebeauty service to change your eye colour.

page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-eyebeauty-logo.jpg   page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-eyeplan-logo.jpg


Exceptional Service

With over 29 years of eye health and retail experience, eyeclarity is known for its award winning service. We want to help keep your vision sharp and look stylish. Spexy, our complimentary styling service, is designed to help you find the perfect fit and style for your sunglasses and prescription eyewear. You can feel confident with your eyewer purchase as it is covered by Spexcare. Our premium after care service provides you with a lifetime service warranty and 12 months of eyeclarity insurance. With 4 convenient locations we are open 7 days for your convenience. View store locations >

page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-spexy-logo.jpg  page-corporate-eyecare-benefits-spexcare-logo.jpg




To register for your voucher, please enter your details and an email with your personalised voucher will be sent to you. 
We would like to extend this offer to your family so please feel free to forward this link at your discretion.
eyeclarity is a partner of Kaya Helath Clubs. 

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