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Cataracts are a cloudiness that form in the lens of the eye. The lens is normally clear. Poor vision results because the cloudiness interferes with light entering the eye. Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss for people over 40 and is the principal cause for blindness in the world.


What causes cataracts?

Most cataracts occur as a result of ageing and long term exposure to UV light. Making sunglass wear very important as preventative measure. Other causes can result due to injury, medications or they can run in the family.

What are the symptoms of cataracts?

These can vary but usually associated with blurring or fuzziness of vision. Thus making it difficult reading small print or seeing street signs. Additionally there may be an increased sensitivity to light and glare, especially in bright sunlight or when driving at night.

How are cataracts detected?

By consulting one of our experienced Optometrists using state of the art equipment we can investigate the eye. We can then determine if the problem is caused by a cataract or another eye condition.


Can cataracts be treated?

Yes cataracts can be treated by removing the cloudy lens of the eye and replacing it with a new plastic lens called an implant. There are different cataract surgery techniques depending on the condition of the cataract and the overall health of the eye. Mostly cataract surgery is performed under a local anaesthesia making the operation painless with rapid recovery. There is no need to have the eye padded allowing most patients to instantly see and use their eye at the end of the operation.

Cataract surgery is a day procedure. The total stay being usually 2 hours.


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